Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sponsor a woodcock for just £3 a month

Don’t miss this rare chance to get involved in important scientific research by sponsoring a satellite tracked woodcock.

For just £3 a month, you can follow your own bird’s location as it travels up to 10,000 kilometres every year, whilst scientists from the Game & Wildlife Trust build a unique picture of the woodcock’s migratory habits.

Each sponsor helps to pay for the satellite tracking, which has seen birds tagged in the British Isles travel to breeding grounds in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, including a 7,000 kilometre journey to Siberia. Without the support of sponsorship, we would not have known about these remarkable migrations or the details of stop-over locations that are vital to each journey.

Sponsor a woodcock - choose your bird >

We have been able to tag a further 11 birds in recent months, in seven English counties, plus Wales, Scotland, and Ireland and these are now available for sponsorship.

From as little as £3 a month, you can enjoy the pleasure of sponsoring one of these remarkable woodcock and supporting our research. In addition to being able to track your bird online, you will receive a sponsorship pack including a certificate, factsheet and your own woodcock lapel pin.

Sponsor a woodcock - choose your bird >

Sponsoring your woodcock is quick and easy

All you need to do is click here and select the bird you would like to sponsor, or call us on 01425 652381. You will not only be supporting ground-breaking research, but also enjoy an appreciation for the British countryside and the chance to enjoy the remarkable achievements of these elusive birds.
What other sponsors say

“The study has been a revelation in the distances covered by this remarkable bird”
- Kevin Appleton

“My interest in these lovely birds is general, i.e. their migratory patterns, our resident birds and their habits and habitat. I think that it behoves us to know as much as we can about any quarry species”
– David Houston

“I think the groundbreaking work you are doing is fascinating - keep up the good work”
– William McCabe

Sponsor a woodcock - choose your bird >

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