Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Busy Easter period sees flurry of woodcock activity

Our woodcock were very active over the Easter period with many of them on the move across Europe.

Location updates
Amy - in western Russia after leaving Ireland and stopping over in Holland, Poland and Belarus.
BFC - has made it to Russia after leaving Wales and stopping in Lithuania and Latvia.
Jack - following stops in Denmark and Estonia, Jack has arrived in Russia after leaving Scotland.
James - left Wiltshire and has travelled north east through Poland and Latvia to reach Russia.
Knepp - currently in Finland after leaving Sussex and arriving via Germany and Estonia.
Lanyon - has flown into Russia from Cornwall after stopping off in Belarus.
Olwen - currently in north west Russia after stopping in Denmark and Latvia.
Rebecca - flew south east from Wales to Slovakia and then north east into Russia.
Remy - left Scotland for Denmark and now currently in Latvia.
Rocky - has flown from Cornwall to Russia via Germany and Poland.
Smithy - left Bristol for Poland before flying north east to Russia via Belarus.
St Brendan - flew east from Ireland to Poland and has since moved north east to Latvia.
Wensum - having never returned to the UK, Wensum has revisited Finland from Germany.

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