Monday, 3 March 2014

Location Update: Lanyon back in Cornwall

It’s great to see that Lanyon’s tag has started working again and is transmitting data from her capture site in South Cornwall. This comes after several months of silence; our last fix from Lanyon was from Poland in mid-November.

It seems likely that this sudden return is due to a boost in battery power; the solar-powered tag must be recharging in the slightly brighter conditions.

As chance would have it, we were in Cornwall last week, trying to catch woodcock for our geolocators study. Though night-time conditions were wet and windy, there were some pleasant sunny spells during the day, and this extra sunshine is probably responsible for Lanyon’s revival.

It won’t be long until our winter visitors are leaving again. It would be very interesting to track Lanyon’s spring migration for a second year, to see how it compares to that of 2013. Fingers crossed the sunny conditions will continue and Lanyon will keep in touch this spring!

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