Monday, 17 February 2014

Location Update: Remy returns to the Highlands

We're pleased to report that Remy has transmitted data for the first time since last summer.

Having left the Scottish Highlands in March she was last known to be in Latvia but we're thrilled that she reappeared in the Highlands last week having covered over 4,200km on her journey.

The satellite image below shows Remy's current location (Ry) in relation to her original location from where she began her journey last March. She is just 10km away.

The thing we can't be sure of is how long has Remy been back because this is the first data she has sent for months. It is unclear whether she has only just returned to the country or whether her tag has only just recharged.
It may seem unlikely that a migratory bird, that is 'supposed' to arrive in Autumn, has only just returned to her wintering site in mid-February when winter is almost over. But it may be the case. This appears to be what Amy, one of our Irish birds, has done. We can be more sure that Amy was still migrating up until early February as, unlike Remy, she sent data en-route proving she had not reached her wintering site in Western Ireland before the 11th February.
It is a long migration to make for a short stay - we would expect both Remy and Amy to have to return to the breeding grounds in only a month or so's time. Will we now see more woodcock, such as Wensum, following suit?
Our Woodcock Appeal
We are the first scientific organisation to use the latest in micro-electronic and satellite technology to track woodcock during the 2012 migration. To continue this important, pioneering research we need to secure the necessary funding.

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