Thursday, 17 October 2013

Crugith & Lanyon making strong headway

Several of the birds are returning regular data right now, but two in particular seem to be making strong headway with their autumn migrations.

Crugith, one of our two Cornish/Siberian birds, has spent the past month travelling the breadth of Russia and is now closing in on the border. The 2,800 km that she has travelled so far sees her just past the halfway mark of her mammoth journey. She appears to be taking a more southerly route than our other Siberian migrants; something she also did on the outward trip. We’re very interested to see if she passes through the Ukraine as she did in the spring; when studying migration the routes and stop-offs are just as interesting and important as the final destination.

Lanyon is also heading back and making good progress. Her journey may only be around half of that travelled by Crugith, but with the exception of the three Siberian birds Lanyon is our easternmost breeder. So far Lanyon has covered around 600 km since she left a month ago. Both birds are now between 600 and 700km from the Russian border.

Who do you think will be the first to leave Russia? If not Lanyon or Crugith, could it be Rebecca or Amy, both of whom bred close to the border?

Outside of Russia, none of our birds are showing signs of significant moving. St Brendan and Wensum have both sent data within the past couple of weeks and neither have moved away from their summer sites yet.


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